[Sapporo] Make a promotion video on your smartphone

No experience required! Age-independent!

Learn to shoot and edit practical promotional videos using your smartphone



[Date] Saturday, 2020/2/8
[Time] 13:00-18:00
[Place] Meeting room in Sapporo city
* Details will be sent after application.
[Capacity] 16 people
[Charge] 3,800 yen (tax included)
* Advance transfer


You can make promotional videos on your smartphone!

The instructor has been teaching video instructors for working people to over 1000 people for 17 years.Pro to teach beginners
We understand point that is easy to trip and understand clearly!

The promo of promotional videos is planning!

“How do I get it?”
“What kind of configuration can you communicate well?”
Original formatis also available!


Flow of the day

First, enjoy automatic editing of the app

Enjoy shooting with the built-in camera app and automatic editing with the app.


Planning a promotional video

Plan using the original format.


Shooting with a smartphone

Shoot indoors and outdoors.


Editing with a smartphone

Edit with a free video editing app.


Show off your videos

You can publish your videos on YouTube, Facebook, homepages and blogs.


Techniques you can learn on the day

Planning know-how

Attractive camera work and composition

How to use sunlight

Interview recording techniques

Four methods that do not capture passersby faces

How to use the editing app (automatic / manual)

Limitations of editing apps and countermeasures


* Program contents may be slightly changed.


I want this person to come

Beginners who want to promote with videos

-Those who want to publicize area
-Those who want to promote the company or product
-Those who want to make a video on your smartphone
-Those who want to know shooting and editing techniques
-Those who want to feel free to make videos
No experience is required!
Age doesn’t matter!

Foreigners also welcome

English and Chinese interpreters are also available.

Seniors are also welcome

Instructors hold workshops for a wide range of students, from high school students to those in their 60s and 70s.
Please participate with peace of mind!


After you attend this seminar …

You will be able to understand how to make videos on your smartphone

You can see how to plan promotional videos

You can come up with ways to communicate using smartphone videos

I ’ll tell you how to make a movie on your smartphone.
I will be removed from the day I heard!


Proceed like this

-Plan and edit apps in the conference room.
-We have prepared tasks that you can learn while having fun.
-Shoot both indoors and outdoors.
-Participants will continue to interact with each other.


Things to prepare

Writing utensils

Smartphone (iPhone / android)

Smartphone power supply (so that the battery does not run out)

*Please bring any other items such as tripods and gimbals that you can prepare.


Message from the instructor

Orikawa Shuichi

“I was a beginner who did n’t know what to do.”

In 1994, I got a second-hand camera. At that moment, I decided to make a movie.

About 25 years since then.
Based on many experiences of failure, now I am in a position to advise beginners.

I have talked about it for beginners because of my hard work.
In such a case, the three problems of “no equipment”, “no friends” and “no money” are always issues.

However, these problems have disappeared since the spread of smartphones.

“Can be done with a smartphone”
“You can do it alone”
“Can do it for free”
It ’s a waste to take a step in such a good time!

In this workshop, we also focused on “how to show and plan”.

Let’s be able to make more and more smartphone videos in a location called Sapporo!
Instructor examples

Writing books for beginners
Held workshops nationwide
Many instructors at companies and schools
Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics
Instructor for volunteers, “How to take smartphone photos”



-The tripods and gimbals prepared here are limited in number and should be used in turn.
-You will experience planning, shooting and editing according to the issues prepared here.
-I plan to go outside for shooting, but I’d like to act according to the time schedule.
-Depending on your smartphone model and OS version, the functions that can be used with others may differ.



[Date] Saturday, 2020/2/8
[Time] 13:00-18:00
[Place] Meeting room in Sapporo city
* Details will be sent after application.
[Capacity] 16 people
[Charge] 3,800 yen (tax included)
* Advance transfer


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